At Team Up, we customize your training based on your organization’s unique needs.

We begin by holding a consultation to discuss what training options would be most effective. Eddie Hill, our lead Facilitator, has developed his expertise over the years as a Certified Trainer for Richland College in the Corporate Service Department. He has led over 100 customized sessions for various types of organizations. Eddie holds has a Master’s degree from Texas Christian University, has published three books, and is currently writing a business book entitled, ________________. 

We add a number of entertaining and interactive elements from our Team Building arsenal to keep things engaging. Many groups mix the training sessions with a fun premium activity. 

At Team Up we lead: 

  • Management Retreats: half-day, full-day, or two days
  • How to be an Effective High Functioning Team: We use Team Up’s own “Five Stages of Plane Trip” to discuss where your organization is. 
  • Sales Training
  • Stress Management 
  • Leadership: Management Training 101 and Advanced

....and our latest training session: How to Work from Home More Effectively. We have an excellent inventory tool for use in considering the individual’s approach to coping with this major change to the workplace dynamic.

Other services: 

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Employee Interviews: We interview all employees, ask important questions, write a report of the findings and discuss the results Management. Plus we make recommendations moving forward. 
  • Hiring Assistance: Using the D.I.S.C. Inventory to help you hire the best fit for your positions. 

Call or text to set up your free consultation or to take the D.I.S.C. inventory at no charge. Or email us at ...