Let us make your annual holiday party or employee appreciation event unforgettable--WE do all the work!

We love to provide large-scale team building events in all kinds of venues. In fact, we’ve slam-dunked it time after time in huge hotel ballrooms, sprawling ranches, spacious conference centers, and major settings like AT&T Stadium. We’ve even taken big events outdoors in places downtown Dallas and Ft. Worth. 

Usually, these groups range from 150 to 500 people but we have managed to pull together as many as 1,000 plus several times! 

Some event options:

  • Full-scale amazing races all over town utilizing mass transit
  • Crazy Olympics
  • Huge carnivals
  • Chili cookoffs
  • Two-person poker and blackjack
  • Bike builds for disadvantaged kids
  • Other charity events such as building basketball goals or rocking chairs for special groups. 

Event enhancements: 

No need to worry about decorating to set the tone for your big event theme. Upon request, we have several options, such as a western town or another setting. Many events are themed and we use the company's colors and logos when requested on awards and materials. 

For many large groups, we rotate the group to maximize participation. Our goal is to keep everyone engaged! We have carnival games, sports games and extra group entertainment setups such as Jenga and corn hole. 

These are turnkey events: we bring all staff and materials needed, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!